by Alice Karlsdottir

O, the Great Gods of Asgard are noble and free,
They are upright and forthright (as Great Gods should be),
But there's one in their midst doesn't follow the rules~
That sly mischief-maker, called LOKI the FOOL.

He lies and he pilfers,tells jokes that are crude,
He's rauchous, he's ribald, he's rowdy, he's rude;
He tricks and he teases, though he's not really cruel~
Just don't turn your back on that LOKI the FOOL).

They say he's corrupted and wicked indeed,
'Cause he mothered the All-Father's wimsical steed;
It's not he's perverted or easily led~
Let's just say he's not very choosy in bed.

He tried to enliven sedate Asgard's halls,
By tying the beard of a goat to his balls;
And they say that his tongue's his most effective tool,
(And that's why all the ladies love LOKI the FOOL!)

To the end of all time he'll run free through the land,
And all things stir and change at the touch of his hand,
And when the world's old and no fun's left in store,
He'll blow it all up and start over once more.

Now scholors and such say he's captured and bound,
But just look at the world, you'll see he's still around,
For to live without him would be just too cruel,
O, LOKI, we love you, dear LOKI the FOOL!

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