Welcome! These are links to the homepages of some of the more famous pagans around. Not really a complete list (Not everyone has a webpage) but what I could find right now.

Isaac Bonewits

Born October 1, 1949 CE. Known for his leadership in modern Druidism. He has been a founder and leader in such organizations as: the New Reformed Druids of North America, the Aquarian Anti-Deflamation League and the ADF (see below). He graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in magic in 1970. In 1971 his first book was published,Real Magic.

Jane t & Steward Farrar

The writings of the Farrars have done much to open Wicca and Witchcraft to the public. Both were initiated by Alexander Sanders.


American Witch, feminist and peace activist. She was initiated into Victor Anderson's Faery Tradition. Her first book, The Spiral Dance, was published in 1979.

Robin Wood

Robin Wood is an artist and illustrator that has illustrated many pagan books (mostly by Scott Cummingham). She designed a very popular deck of Tarot (The Robin Wood Tarot, of course). She has also written a few books. Her book, When, Why... If, is the first book written about the developing of pagan ethics.

Silver RavenWolf

More links can be added when and if I find any.

These links are to pagan organizations that are known nationally and internationally.

ADF: Ar n'Draiocht 'Fein: A Druid Fellowship

CaW: Church of All Worlds

Circle Sanctuary

COG: Covenant of the Goddess
Of which the Crafters Coven is a proud member.

MPN: Military Pagan Network Inc. An organization for Pagans in the Military

OBOD: The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids

Although, they are scheduled for a name change in Jan of 2000, this org. helps in cases of religious discrimination.

Wisteria is a pagan retreat where events like PSG (Pagan Spirit Gathering) are held

Again, I will add to this list of links when and if I find any new ones. Thanks!