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The Eclecticity Test

1.Do you routinely scrounge the house for candles and use whatever you can find (usually small white utility candles, or left over birthday candles) for your Rituals?

2.Does your Chalice do double duty as a wine glass?

3.If you can't locate your Athame, do you just go with the letter opener?

4.Is your Cauldron full of un-opened mail?

5.Is your best Ritual Garb the cool T Shirt you bought last week?

6.Does your Book of Shadows have coffee stains on it, because it doubles as your desk pad?

7.When, in the middle of a Ritual, you forget your lines, do you say, Oh Screw it. Let's just wing it?

8.Does 7 occur on a regular basis?

9.Have 7 & 8 occurred so often that you don't even bother anymore?

10.Do your Rituals start late because no one seems to own (or know how to use) a watch?

If you answer yes to just one of these, you may be an Eclectic Witch. While there is no cure for Eclecticity, regular meetings with Garnerians *can* keep things under control.
If you have answered yes to 3 or more, you are probably an Eclectic Witch. At this point, no amount of time spent with Gardnerians can help you. You might as well buy stock in Llewelyn Press.
If you have answered yes to all 10, congratulations. You have passed the Eclecticity Test!