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Great Links to Truly Awesome Wiccan/Pagan Pages

Omega's Magickal Haven
The High Priestess' Webpage. More links and info on Pythonic Wicca.
A.D.F. Homepage
Info on A.D.F. druidry and resources.
Figment's Webpage
The webpage of the High Priest of the Crafters Coven.
Crafters' Experiential Growth Stages.
Precedures for membership application and definitions of recognized growth stages. (part of this page)
In Loving Memory...
A tribute to a former member of the Crafters. (part of this page)
Pythonic Wicca
An article describing the history of the Pythonic Tradition of Wicca
Alise-The Teen Bi/Witch
I have no idea. The page of the youngest and oldest witch I know.
You need to ask? Just read and enjoy.
U S Army Chaplin's Guide to Wicca
This is part of the Army Chaplin's Guidebook. It helps to define our religion within the legal framework.

Midwest Pagan Webring

This Midwest Pagan

site is presented by Omega Sygal-Moon, HPS, Crafters Coven.
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