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Blacksent: the Book

In the 1980's a small group of college students came together and created an amateur comic book entitled "Errantry". Some 20+ years later, two of these people, Michael LaFlamme and myself, finally wrote out a novel based on the outline we had set up for future comics.

This is a cover of the first issue of Errantry

We decided to self publish through Infinity Publishing

Actually, they got us on the web already. Here's the direct link for those who wish to buy the book and make me famous:

http://www.bbotw. com/description. asp?ISBN= 0-7414-3810- 0

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Book of the Umbra

by Michael A LaFlamme & Michael D. Poe

ISBN 0-7414-3810- 0


Buy Books on the

Infinity Publishing
Questions Regarding Book Orders and Ordering


Phone orders can be placed at:

Toll Free (877) BUY-BOOK
Local: (610) 941-9999
Fax: (610) 941-9959

Web orders can be placed at:

http://www.bbotw. com/description. asp?ISBN= 0-7414-3810- 0

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www.BLACKSENT. com
"Listen, the night is here..."

The Cover art for the book was done by the lovely Angella Sasser

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